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"Scars in Uganda"

by Barbra Mwansa

"It was a frightening move. So much is at stake. our lives, family. But we had to do it. Someone needed to speak for the silent voices. Someone needed to stand up for life."  Read More

AFLA National Leaders


The AFLA national  leaders met in Ghana and agreed that before the next  2018 AFLA Pan African Conference, which will be held in Nigeria, the AFLA National team members are going to meet first to draw up a 10 year Strategic Plan.


The strategic meeting will be held in Lusaka , Zambia for a period of 5 days with leaders coming from Togo, Ghana, Nigeria, Cote d'Voire, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Mozambique, Malawi, Congo DR, Niger, Gambia, Tanzania, Uganda and many other nations.


Support this great cause through prayer and also by giving to AFLA today. Your material or financial gift will go a long way in meeting us as we go about with logistics. To make a donation of any amount, please follow this link.

A Voice to the Voiceless in Africa

Supporting our Missions

AFLA was recently invited at a fund raising ball hosted by Family Fountain of Hope Crisis Pregnancy Center.



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It was awesome;


Dear friends and Partners,


We thank God for the time of ministry together in Ghana . This is the main reason why AFLA exists. AFLA is a network of activity by which people group meet to form relationships and to recognize, create, or act upon ministry opportunities, share information and seek potential partners for client ventures in Africa.


Iam so glad that this is happening in Africa, our network keeps growing and we now have 85 affiliates in 15 countries. This year's conference we had 8 African  countries represented in Ghana.


I would like to thank all the speakers and participants at this year conference. Your presences means a lot and Africa will never be the same after Ghana.



Click Here to see some of our speakers.  You are being  encouraged to register NOW!    See you soon in Ghana! Barbra.




God bless you Africa!


Barbra Nalavwe Mwansa


What is AFLA in Africa (VISION) ?


+ The Association's goal is to advance the Pregnancy Help and Life Affirming Movement  in all African Countries.


+  Also to provide Affiliation to all independent and autonomous Life Affirming


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