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2018 saw AFLA undertake important trainings in four countries across the continent of Africa. With the continued support from AFLA National leaders, the missions have continued to be fruitful in bring forth the message of human sanctity in our African communities. The following are the countries the Association visited to conduct trainings:-


The AFLA team spent much time listening to stories from the young girls of sexual abuse. This was a heart breaking moment as most of them wondered why our communities have slowly continued to be turned into a daylight nightmare for our girl-child. The team went on to encourage hope in them and prayed for them for healing.



Botswana was another country set on the AFLA programme. The country of approximately 3 million people as the total population has also seen rise in abortion cases in the recent years. AFLA 's mission was to integrate and empower pro-life movement in the country. The team coordinated with the National leader in Botswana and a pregnancy centre was established in Gaborone to provide counseling, pregnancy test and other pro-life services.




After hosting the 5th Pan African For Life Conference, Nigeria was yet another centre to focus training and follow-up on. The AFLA executive members were on tour to this blessed land and were in the company of one of care givers, Madam Blessings - who were also part of the 5th Conference which took place earlier in 2018. The community chief in one of the areas of Abuja was of strong support to help fight abortion and girl -child abuse. This made the mission very impacting as this presents a good playing field to reach out to many people in the area. Also, it has been AFLA's desire to see that community leaders, church leaders and organization leaders continue to champion the fight against abortion and child abuse.

A pregnancy centre was set up and is now in full operation. It is a safe home and is run by Madam Blessings. The centre is  called Comfort Home.

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