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The joy that comes with being a mother especially if its your first time is really unexplainable. At times it feels like you are the luckiest person on earth, somewhat, it feels like you will not grow out of it. Sometimes , it feels a bit scary.

However, despite all these different emotions attached to the whole new level of life, we as both expecting or baby sitting mothers need to take some important activities into play.


Under this section, we share with you different experiences , tips, medical guidelines as well as the word of God to keep you going at all times.


Feel free to always interact with us using our Facebook page by sharing your comment on any issue we shall tackle under this section. We are so excited!

1. Why keeping fit is important for you and me.


2. Simple but effective exercises for you.


3. Sleeping and Rest. How much is recommended for us?


In this           month of April, we look at physical fitness for an                       expecting                and babysitting mom. DOWNLOAD

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